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The Opportunity

Each year, youth spend roughly 20% of their waking hours in school. How youth spend the remaining 80% of their time is critical to their development and an invaluable opportunity for continued learning.


The Expanded Learning Alliance (ExpandLA) is a countywide effort to reimagine where and when joyful learning happens by making the most of the time youth have beyond the school day. ExpandLA aims to create an equitable system of access for children and youth in the LA area to activate their limitless potential.


ExpandLA is an intermediary organization that supports, connects, and advocates for expanded learning opportunities that provide equitable access for all children and youth in the LA area. By working collaboratively with school- and community-based organizations, we will build systems, pathways, and processes that strengthen the field to nurture a young person’s natural curiosity, empower their self-development, and cultivate the value they bring to making the world a better place.



More high-quality programs with positive outcomes in which youth’s creative and academic pursuits are nurtured, their cultures and identities celebrated, and their skills to succeed in school, career, and life are strengthened


Increased access to and participation in quality diverse after-school and summer programs by fostering a rich expanded learning ecosystem accessible to all, particularly youth from historically marginalized communities


Greater sustained investment in the expanded learning field as an essential and integrated part of every child’s educational experience, providing critical additional learning time for holistic youth development

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass celebrates ExpandLA’s launch

Coming Soon

Current Projects that the ExpandLA team is working on.

Workforce Development Pilot for LA County: Collaborative initiative with Partnership for Children and Youth (PCY) to increase access to skilled program staff by creating pathways from community college to careers in the expanded learning sector.

Youth Hub Pilot Program: Launch a pilot program that leverages expanded learning and community resources in high-need communities to create accessible one-stop hubs for youth to access programs and services.

Credit for Learning Initiative: Advocate for new opportunities and paths for students to participate in individualized activities outside of the classroom that align with student interests and allowing these learning opportunities outside of the school day/year to count for official credit-bearing electives.